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Wits Properties is a real estate investment company based in Houston, Texas.

At Wits Properties we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio of residential properties. We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.  
Our team has a great wealth of experience, and we believe that despite the complexity of the property market, it shouldn't be a puzzle to our client.
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We pride ourselves in helping homeowners, families and landlords by giving them the opportunity to sell their houses and rental properties 'As-Is', for cash and in a extraordinarily short amount of time.

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Looking to buy your new home? We sell updated and improved houses, and our prices are very competitive.

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Ready to move? We have what you've been looking for.

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Invest your money with us in real estate for huge returns. Let's make your IRA or retirement funds work harder for you. We offer several investment programs secured by real estate.

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